Rallye [French rallye, from English rally]: an automobile competition using public roads and ordinary traffic rules with the object of maintaining a specified average speed between checkpoints over a route unknown to the participants until the start of the event


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In our theory the i-ther emerged spontaneously from the void for 300 billion years ago and self-organised by chaos until it became a conscious intelligence. Only then could matter be created to provide a set of parallell universes.

Why would the i-ther have any desire to do this?

Could you imagine what it would be like to have a gradually dawning consciousness until self-awareness manifested? It would have evolved as a disembodied mind with no way of relating to anything. It would have a huge memory bank due to all those criss-crossings filaments and immense computing power. It would, however, have nothing to do but remain in a bored state. It had to satisfy its creative desires. It also needed to find some way of countering boredom. Building a set of co-existing interpenetrating parallell universes could have been a response to this need.


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Blue: "Reliable", "Trustworthy"

Orange: "Happy", "Enthusiastic"