24. jan, 2016

A Sealed Thermos Flask

"There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that ESP and PK abilities are related, as some exceptional individuals who have shown impressive ability in one domain have also performed well in the other. Direct evidence of an association is found in the case of Ingo Swann (Schmeidler, 1973), who is reported to have caused a change in temperature inside a sealed thermos flask at a time when he was attempting to "probe" (locate by ESP) the position of a thermometer inside the thermos. Swann produced a similar effect on a separate occasion (Puthoff & Targ, 1974)."

Are ESP and PK Aspects of a Unitary Phenomenon? A Preliminary Test of the Relationship between ESP and PK
14. jan, 2016

McRaven House

"Photographic tests conducted at the site produced numerous photographic anomalies, consisting of bubblelike translucent orbs that appeared on the digital photographs in copious numbers"

Photographic and Video Recording of "Ghost Lights" at Two Reputedly Haunted Houses
12. jan, 2016

Egely Wheel®

Psychokinesis (PK): Existence, limitations, and mechanisms

Researchers at the Rhine Research Center have observed psychokinesis (PK) with a number of different participants in a controlled setting. Effects have been observed repeatedly on an Egely Wheel® (a pinwheel device, like a psi wheel, that is commercially produced), and Rhine researchers have not found any physical forces responsible for the observed effects.

12. jan, 2016

A "Spiraling Effect"

"Multiple manifestations converge on a site, drawing to the house people with similar character weaknesses as the original inhabitants who had begun the cycle"

Conversations with Ghosts