Egely Wheel's Experiment

"A couple of years ago, by complete accident, I discovered I could perform telekinesis. I found a Egely Wheel on the internet, and I purchased it with the intent of using the wheel to learn to control the energy flow in my body into the palms of my hands. The idea was that the better I got at directing the energy into my hands, the faster the wheel would turn. For the first 10 minutes I started using the Egely Wheel , I cupped my hand around the side of it as directed in the instructions that came with it, and then I focussed with the intent of moving the wheel faster, and then the wheel started to speed up. But then a few minutes later, something totally unexpected happened..."

Egely Wheel®_English

A psychotronic device which has been used to test for psychokinetic (PK) abilities at the Rhine Research Center and train/hone these abilities.

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"We suppose that the energy making the wheel rotate is probably the same as the one spreading through the acupuncture meridians. In China, though, this energy has not been used only for healing, but also for fighting. This is the so-called "soft" martial art (Wu-Shu) where the enemy can be defeated without any physical contact, simply with an energy "shoot". Some parts of the body can be hardened this way so one can withstand extremely strong hits. This martial art is unknown except for in China, making it quite incredible and difficult to imagine."

Clips from the movie Wushu (2008)