Saint Patrick depicted in a stained glass window at Saint Benin's Church, Ireland. After years of living in poverty, traveling and enduring much suffering he died March 17, 461. His grave was marked in 1990 with a granite stone.

Shannon’s Information Theory

"During the second world war, Shannon worked on codes and methods of sending messages efficiently and securely over long distances, ideas that became the seeds for his information theory." – Alok Jha

Riksförsäkringsverket/Försäkringskassan organized a meeting at World Trade Center in Stockholm in early September 2001. Försäkringskassan was formed to give everyone the same right to security – an idea with a long history.

Runar Devik Søgaard who I met at World Trade Center in Stockholm.

Carola Maria Häggkvist who I met on Kungsgatan in Stockholm.

Remote View this figure and you will find that he has three assets; an owl, a snake, and a hedgehog. This means his system is impossible to predict.