Kim Clement - April 4, 2009

Kim Clement was born September 30, 1956 in South Africa, in a nation divided by apartheid.

At the tender age of 17, Kim had found himself addicted to heroine, immersed in the drug and rock scene of the seventies. But one fateful night in 1974 changed the course of his life forever. He was in a bar, in the bathroom, overdosing on heroine when he was robbed and stabbed. He stumbled onto the street and fell into a ditch, feeling himself dying as he cried out the name of "Jesus". Just as he began to feel life leaving him, a hand reached out and lifted him from death. The hand belonged to a Christian man who shared the message of Christ with Kim. From that day forward, Kim was a follower of Christ and dedicated his life to sharing that precious message.

Jane Elizabeth Barnes stole Kim's heart in 1978, and they were married in Durban, South Africa that same year. They have shared 30 exciting years together and their five children are a testament of their love.

Kim's work in his native land culminated in the co-founding and building of the first non-racial church in South Africa, The Lyric Christian Center. This work, established by Dr. Fred Roberts, defied the racial apartheid system and welcomed all races.

In 1981, Kim came to the United States to attend Christ for the Nations. Between 1981-1991, Kim traveled throughout the United States, returning 5 times a year to assist at Durban Christian Center in Durban, South Africa.

In 1991, Kim moved with his family to the USA. After years of travel and ministering, Kim started "The Warriors of the New Millennium," an outreach based in Detroit, Michigan that focused on uplifting the wounded people within the City; this eventually spread throughout the United States.

Kim now resides in Southern California, with his family, and is pioneering a prophetic outreach called "Secrets".

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